Fees and payment

Entry Fees:

  • £295 for the first paid for entry from each organisation/submitting body.
  • £195 for each subsequent paid for entry from each organisation/submitting body.
  • £195 for any entry from or on behalf of a charity, NGO, pressure group or otherwise NFP organisation. Please call if you think you may be eligible.

Enter 3 entries by 12 June to receive a free Thought Leadership Piece.

Enter by 4 September 2020 to receive £100 off your total entry cost.

The fifth entry is free until 2 October 2020.

A late entry surcharge of £125 will be applied to each entry submitted after 16 October. Entries will not be accepted after 30 October 2020.

All rates shown are excluding VAT


  • One payment may be used to cover multiple entries.
  • You can pay via PayPal online, or by phone via credit card on +44 20 3950 5356 (we are unable to take American Express over the phone but can arrange an online invoice).
  • All entries must be paid for within 14 days or before the judging takes place in order for them to be reviewed by the judging panel. 

Terms and Conditions:

If you submit your entries by 4 September 2020, you receive £100 off your total entry costs. Please note the following terms and conditions for this offer:

  • When an organisation submits multiple entries, the early entry discount is applicable on the total entries made in a working day. The discount will only be applied once.
  • The early bird discount does not apply to charity, NGO, pressure group or other NFP organisation entries.