Fees and payment

Entry Fees:

  • Each organisation/submitting body receives one free entry
  • $295 for the first paid for entry after the free entry from each organization/submitting body.
  • $195 for each subsequent paid for entry from each organization/submitting body.
  • $195 for any entry from or on behalf of a charity, NGO, pressure group or otherwise NFP organization. Please call if you think you may be eligible.

Cravenhill Publishing believes excellence in creativity and communications should be celebrated regardless of the challenges of the day. To support the creative industries, Cravenhill Publishing is letting any company have one free entry into any awards programme through 2020. You may well be planning on entering many categories and, if so that’s great. But if your agency or department has undertaken great work you won’t want budget considerations to get in the way of it being recognised. Your work makes a difference and it will continue to do so despite the challenges we are all facing. For any questions or support, contact Cat Price or Michelle Manton. Entry guidelines are available here.

Enter 3 entries by 30 April to receive a free Thought Leadership Piece.

Enter by April 24, 2020 to receive $100 off your total entry cost.

The fifth entry is free until May 29, 2020.

A late entry surcharge of $125 will be applied to each entry submitted after July 24. Entries will not be accepted after August 7, 2020.


  • One payment may be used to cover multiple entries.
  • You can pay via PayPal online, or by phone via credit card on +44 20 3950 5356 (we are unable to take American Express over the phone but can arrange an online invoice).
  • All entries must be paid for within 14 days or before the judging takes place in order for them to be reviewed by the judging panel. 
  • If you are entering one entry please click off the PayPal page as your first entry is free.

Terms and Conditions:

If you submit your entries by April 24 2020, you receive £100 off your total entry costs. Please note the following terms and conditions for this offer:

  • When an organization submits multiple entries, the early entry discount is applicable on the total entries made in a working day. The discount will only be applied once.
  • The early bird discount does not apply to charity, NGO, pressure group or other NFP organization entries.